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If you’ve been following Pat Geyer’s blog, The Rantings of an Amateur Chef … oh! You have not? Well, I highly suggest you do … his blog is chock full of great recipes with lots of photos showing the various steps in making the delicious food!

… ehhh, where was I? Oh yeah, if you’ve been following The Rantings of an Amateur Chef, you would have come across his family’s pretty simple traditional Roast Thanksgiving Turkey, the key to which is the binary basting sauce of butter and red wine.

With this simple combination of just two ingredients for the basting sauce, you can easily imagine the wonderful glaze and taste of the finished turkey, right?

Since I was already planning to roast a humble chicken, I decided to try his basting sauce on the turkey’s smaller cousin.

Unfortunately, although I had lots of butter, my pantry was a bit sparse for red wine. But I did find some Chinese rice wine (like Pagoda Shao Hsing Hua Tiao Chiew).

I felt butter may not go well with the rice wine, so I decided to change the oil to something more Asian to suit the rice wine: sesame oil with vegetable oil.

So, I ended up with a different basting sauce, albeit originally based on Pat’s Thanksgiving Turkey recipe. And as I had some fresh capsicums and button mushrooms, I thought … why not slice them, toss them with some of the very fragrant basting sauce and roast them with the chicken?

So, with a tip of the hat to Pat, here’s …

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This is my favorite, basic recipe for no-fuss whole roasted chicken, which I’d adapted from a few roast turkey recipes … yeah, that’s not a typo … it is indeed based on roast turkey recipes. 🙂

I call it basic as the chicken is simply seasoned with salt & pepper. What makes this a great recipe is that it is very versatile … to shake things up, you can use any seasoning or marinade you’d want instead of just salt & pepper. If using a marinade and you want the meat to soak up the flavors of the marinade, let the chicken marinate in the fridge overnight. Read the rest of this entry »