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An upfront disclaimer … this is not a real recipe to make something that can be eaten … it’s just for fun, eh? …

Ashley, my 10-year old daughter, loves to play at having a restaurant/café and she has this growing set of plastic ingredients such as eggs, tomatoes, carrots, fish, chicken (or it could be a small turkey) zucchini, onions, etc. She even has a set of plates, bowls & cutlery to serve up her make-believe culinary creations.

And today, she came up with a very interesting “dish” … it’s just a simple combination of several plastic ingredients on a plate, but it was what she’d named it as that I thought was pretty amazing and made me want to blog about it. I had even suggested making up a faux recipe to go with her creation, the Happy Face Meal


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Happy belated May Day / Labor Day! Went to see the new movie, Marvel’s The Avengers … It was great fun! Liked the storyline and there were lots of action. Need a few more superheroes, though.

For May Day breakfast, had wanted to bake some lovely ham and cheese buns for my wife & kid … Will post the results later.

And yes, I know this 2nd post was supposed to be about my journey towards Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day … will post that later … promise! 🙂