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As King Arthur Flour’s Pain de Mie (aka, Pullman loaf or regular sandwich bread) tasted so great, I’m keeping the main ingredients the same for Trial #3 although I’m proportionately reducing the amounts to fit my 9″ Pullman lidded loaf pan … the 13″ version makes a lot of bread (2 1/2 lb), which is a lot to be wasted if Trial #3 doesn’t work out. The 9″ pan should make a smaller 1 2/3 lb loaf.

I do also have a 4.5″ Pullman lidded loaf pan, which makes an absolutely cute cube of a loaf of about 5/6 lb. But I’ve a feeling that such a small loaf may introduce additional unknown variables to Trial #3 that may make it difficult to later upsize the recipe for the 9″ or 13″ pans, right?

As I’d observed previously, the original Pain de Mie could be a bit softer & more moist. So, for Trial #3, I’m adding home-made dough conditioners as suggested by livoRead the rest of this entry »


Well, the Pain de Mie is now thoroughly cooled and ready to be sliced and compared to store-bought sliced white sandwich bread (which we’ll just call a “SB” for short).

First, here’s my Pain de Mie (aka, “my loaf”) compared against what the Pain de Mie is supposed to look liked, from King Arthur Flour’s blog (aka, “KAF loaf”) … here’s the whole loaf before they are sliced (my loaf is on the left while the right one is the KAF loaf) …

My underachieving loaf did not rise enough to fill the pan fully, resulting in the shorter, dome-topped loaf instead of a nice, squared loaf. Read the rest of this entry »